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Participation Policy

ALL players that live outside School District 911 and open enroll into the school district need a waiver to play for CIHA. Contact your home association to start the waiver process.

If you live in School District 911 and are waiving out of CIHA, contact the CIHA President to start the waiver process.

This process will need to be repeated with each school change, i.e. elementary to middle or middle to high school.

2016-17 Minnesota Hockey's Participation Policy

A. PARTICIPATION POLICY – Minnesota Hockey (MH) is a community-based amateur hockey program. Members in good standing are to participate on teams from their local association (local affiliate) based on the residence of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). The boundaries of the geographical area served by each local association are determined by MH and recorded in the Affiliate Agreements. In some circumstances, players may participate in another association by requesting a formal waiver from this policy.

1. Youth Hockey players must register and participate with the association whose boundaries incorporate the player’s residence. To participate on any other association's team, the player must obtain a waiver.

a. All waiver requests must be submitted on a current Waiver Form provided by MH. The form cannot be obtained electronically as it is a four part carbon form.

b. The Waiver Form must indicate the reason for the waiver request. (school attendance, opportunity to play on travel team, co-op team, etc.).

c. The releasing and receiving associations may add conditions or restrictions to the waiver.Conditions must be clearly indicated on the Waiver Form and initialed by all parties executing 
the waiver.

d. Waiver Forms must be signed by the releasing and receiving association presidents before being submitted to the District Director for approval. If the releasing and receiving associations are in two districts, the waiver form must be submitted to both District Directors for approval.

e. Players residing outside of the state of Minnesota that desire to play for MH must follow the Inter Affiliate Player Transfer Protocol.

2. Definitions
Residence – the community in which the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) having primary custody live(s) the majority of time when tryouts begin. A pending move is not considered unless the parent or legal guardian has closed on the sale of a new residence. Players moving after tryouts 
begin can be assigned to teams on a space-available basis.
Association of Residence – the association whose boundaries incorporate the player's residence.
Association of School Attendance – the association whose boundaries incorporate the location of the school the player attends.
Home Association – either the Association of Residence, or the Association of School Attendance to which a player has been properly waived.

3. A waiver shall be granted to any player who wishes to participate in the MH association whose boundaries incorporate the school in which the player is enrolled and is attending, as follows:

a. For schools with multiple campuses, the "main" campus shall prevail unless agreed otherwise by the affected District Director(s).

b. If a player attends their normally-assigned public school, and that school normally includes students from more than one youth hockey association, the player shall be assigned to their Association of Residence and is not eligible for a school-attendance waiver.

c. Players waived based on school choice shall be deemed to be members of their Association of School Attendance and shall have full rights and privileges accorded to all members of that association, including voting rights. (Exception – see "Changing Schools" below.)

d. Players receiving a waiver based on school attendance shall register with their Association of School Attendance for as long as they are qualified students of that school (including the first year).

4. Players waived for non-school attendance reasons are subject to the receiving association's policies in accordance with MH governing documents (may not be eligible for "A" team, may be assigned to lowest available)

Waiver Restrictions

If you completed all of the grades offered at your previous school's physical building, i.e. completed 5th grade and going into middle school, then you can open enroll and are eligible for all levels offered at your new association.

The waiver form is a four part carbon form provided by Minnesota Hockey and cannot be obtained electronically.


This is the procedure that needs to be followed to get ALL required signatures before your player goes on the ice for tryouts.  After each signature, you will take the waiver with you.

Step 1: Contact the hockey association of where you live, President or Registrar. They will give you the waiver.  You will fill out the top portion, then that association's President will sign the waiver. You take the waiver with you.

Step 2:  Now you will need CIHA's President to sign the Waiver.  Once the CIHA President has signed it, take the waiver with you.

If your home association is in District 10, proceed to Step 4.  If not, continue to step 3.

Step 3: If your home association is in another District you must bring the signed waiver by both Presidents to your District Director and he will sign it. If you do not know the district director or how to contact him ask the President that signed it in step 1. Proceed to step 4. 

Step 4: If your home association is in District 10 you only need to get District 10's director to sign it. Again, take the waiver with you.  Your waiver is now complete proceed to to Step 5.

Step 5: The completed waiver will need to get to CIHA Registrar, before your player goes on the ice. If you are a traveling player, you can bring this to your first tryout session. If we do not have this at your tryout session your player will not be allowed on the ice.