Volunteer Expectations

  • We would like each family to attend the Blueliners meetings
  • We would like each parent to  help out with two additional activities - that includes working at games, Chuck-a -Puck, Cub Foods and Ruby's Pantry.

If you have any issues with signing up, please reach out to Courtney Pope at kortnee96@yahoo.com.

Thanks for helping us make this season great for the boys!

Chuck A Puck

Check the Spreadsheet below to see what dates are available, then sign up by entering your first and last name. We need two people per Varsity Game.

Home Game Volunteers

For each home game we need two people for each of these duties, per game (Varsity and JV):

  • Penalty Box
  • Door

Please  make sure to click on the tab at the bottom of the sign-up sheet to select either Varsity or JV.

Bluejackets Give Back to the Community - Sat. 1/15/22

This season we are volunteering at Ruby's Pantry to help give back to our Community. Players are expected to sign up for 1 shift and we want at least 1 parent per shift as well. 



Cub Foods Super Bowl Sunday 2/13/22

We will be helping to bag groceries. Please dress nicely with jersey and a mask. We will have 4-5 lanes. There will be a bucket at the exit where donations can be put. No individual tipping please. This will be a great fundraiser for us because it should be a busy time right before Super Bowl! Adults will supervise and make sure kids stay on task.