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Upcoming Annual Board Meeting



This year's Annual Board Meeting will be held Monday, March 22nd, at 7 pm. Every year there are three seats up for election for the CIHA Board of Directors. These positions come with a three-year term. CIHA is currently accepting bios from active members who would like to be considered as a candidate for one of the open seats. 


Similar to last year, members will have the option to vote either in person at the Isanti arena, or online. We will communicate more information and directions regarding the online option for voting as we near the election. 


All interested parties should email their bio directly to the Board at We urge you to email your bio as soon as possible so we can post it on our website for members to read. We will be accepting them until March 19th. 


If you have any questions regarding the Annual Meeting or the Board positions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through email, on the website, or on Facebook. If not you, then who?


CIHA is looking to hire someone to help with bingo/meat raffles! If you would like more info, or would like to apply, please contact:

Donna Gibb

Gambling Manager

MN Hockey Phase 6 starts 3/1!

Minnesota Hockey today announced modifications to its COVID-19 policies. The Phase 6 Return to Play Rules & Guidelines will take effect on Monday, March 1st. Highlights include:

  • The spectator rule will now match the State of Minnesota and Minnesota Department of Health policy for indoor facilities of 25% capacity up to a 250 max. Please note each individual rink and arena will be affected differently by this change. Some rinks may still be limited to 1 spectator per player according to their capacity.
  • Associations and arenas will need to communicate to teams how many spectators may be allowed for each game and will be expected to host a pre-registration or check-in in case contact tracing is needed. 
  • One ice resurface will be allowed during games.  District 10 is not allowing resurfacing during games until Districts.
  • The three-official system may be used.

The complete Phase 6 Return to Play Rules & Guidelines are available here.



Games will start on January 14th.

The Board wanted to send an update on what changes have been made by MN Hockey today, some verbiage was added when we received clarification from District 10:

New Rules implemented by the State of Minnesota and/or Minnesota Hockey Board of Directors for the 2020-21 season only will be effective on January 4. There will likely need to be adjustments as the season moves forward and games are allowed.

These new rules include:

1. Per the state mandate, cloth face coverings (masks) must be worn by everyone inside an arena at all times. This includes participants during on-ice practice and gameplay.

2. Locker rooms may not be used. Players should put skates on in designated areas of the arena that provides for social distancing.

3. No equipment bags will be allowed in facilities with the exception of goalies.

4. All players must arrive at the arena fully dressed, with the exception of skates, helmets, and gloves. Goalies are allowed to arrive half-dressed.

5. Players must not enter the arena prior to 10 minutes before the start of their scheduled ice time. They must exit the arena no later than 10 minutes following the conclusion of their ice time.

6. Spectators will not be allowed in arenas for Phase 4, with the exception of Mites/8U players and below and Disabled Hockey players who will be allowed one parent/guardian/support person per player. These spectators must be masked and socially distanced from others. More guidance on spectators will be provided when games are allowed to take place.

7. Dryland activities will not be allowed inside the arenas.

Rules already implemented for the 2020-21 season that remain in effect are:

1. A maximum of two coaches are allowed on the bench during gameplay. Please note that gameplay will not be in effect until Phase 5.

2. Only active players and the two coaches are allowed on the bench during gameplay. Players who are unable to participate may not be on the bench.

3. Coaches must wear a mask while on the ice or on the bench for all games and practices unless they have a pre-existing medical condition which should be communicated to their association leadership in advance.

4. Players who are instructed to quarantine by public health will be considered ineligible for participation for the duration of their quarantine period. If a player instructed to quarantine plays in a game, rules subject to playing an ineligible player shall be enforced.

Games will start on January 14th.

The Board has been told that we are not allowed to sign up for any additional tournaments, even if they are free, nor are we allowed to participate in any rescheduled tournaments that we may have missed during the pause. The main reason for this is to ensure that all district games will be played by maximizing the number of days teams have available to play.

At this time District 10 is not allowing ANY scrimmages.

We understand that these changes, rules, and the direction on tournaments are frustrating, but we need to do everything we can to ensure the kids get a chance to finish the season and have the possibility of end of the season play. As changes are communicated to us, we will promptly pass them along.

Cambridge-Isanti Bluejackets

Cambridge-Isanti Bluejackets

Bantams/15U, Peewees/12U, Squirts/10U, & Mites

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Keep A Kid In Hockey

As some of you may be aware, CIHA has a scholarship program that helps families in need help pay for their child to play hockey. We understand that situations arise that unfortunately may make a family choose between everyday necessities and keeping their child playing a sport they love, all while learning great life lessons.

As a 501(c)3, CIHA can accept a tax deductible donation from anyone wishing to donate to a new program that will supplement our scholarship program. We are calling it "Keep A Kid In Hockey". This can be an anonymous donation, if you wish, and can be for any amount, or be specified toward something in particular.

If you'd like to "sponsor" a mite, for example, you can donate the amount to cover that cost. If you'd like to sponsor a player whose family you know may be going through a difficult time, you can do that as well. Lastly, you can donate a specific dollar amount that will supplement our current scholarship program, which works with a specified budget and looks at each situation independently.

Thank you for your consideration and help "Keep A Kid In Hockey" if you can!

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Member's guide to using the CIHA website.

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